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Wonderful for Ever
Body, Mind and Soul Revitalisation

Apolloevents  and Delphi Leading Hotels offer you the opportunity  to Live your dream with creative holiday Dance, Cooking and meditation at the Navel of the Earth the Sanctuary of Apollo and valley of Muses. 

In Delphi where according to Homer, for thousands of years all the glorious generations of people met with the famous Oracle and the privileged landscape of positive energy was born the civilisation with the bloom of arts, sciences and quality of life completed with Symposiums with a philosophical dinner music and dances.Greek cuisine with rare herbs, virgin olive oil seafood is the crown of healthy Hellenic Mediterranean gastronomy.
Greek cuisine with rare herbs, virgin olive oil seafood is the crown of healthy Hellenic Mediterranean gastronomy.

Delphi week is not only experience of dance and cooking, but a unique opportunity to get to know yourself through the Delphic Maxims  Pythagorean numerology  and Delphic Mysteries.

Proud to be vegetarian

At the modern Symposium you enjoy a rich cultural program ,lessons of Philosophy, cooking, dance, guided tours in the cradle of the World Cultural Heritage and ApolloBotanical Garden, enjoy a philosophical walk in Parnassus, Ancient choral chant in Corycian Cave , wine tasting, devoutness in the Byzantine Monastery of Osios Lucas, mental up lift in the unique Galaxidi and enjoy in the taverns and music Cafeteria in the Area.

Make this gift to your precious self!!8 days, 7 overnight with half board

1st Day  welcoming int he Athens Airport  transport in  Delphi, welcome reception dinner , acquaintance and program update

2nd Day Breakfast tour 10.00 am  in the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Archaeological Museum and Castalia source.

Time 1 6.00 welcome drinks inVilla Symposium. 

16.30 -19.30 am  1st Cooking lesson 

20.00  Enjoy your dinner  tasting the  wonderful local wine, follows  dance lessons

3rd Day Breakfast:

10.30 Myths and Herbs ,visit  in Apollonian Botanical Garden and in and in the Art Hall enjoy The Return of Apollo noon free.

16.30 am  2nd Cooking lesson, at 20.00 pm enjoy a wonderful dinner and dance lesson.

4th Day After Your breakfast, Know Yourself personal interview with professor Leftheris Argyropoulos and learn all about your life throw the Pythagorean Numerology.


Enjoy a  philosophical promenade on the Footsteps  of the Gods  at the ancient path  we arrive at the famous  Corycian Cave  with the 26 million age   stalagmites and stalactites world’s  top   meditation center.

Praying to Dionysus God of the wine we visit Parnassus winery where we taste free local wine,  follows Sophists Dinner with philosophical dialogue music and dances

Day 5th: Breakfast visit  in the Athena Pronea Temple, walking in the olive grove until the Monastery of Μoni Panagias collection and tour herbs, noon free.   

✓ Time 16.00pm Aperitif in Symposium Villa and at 16.30 pm starts the 3rd cooking lesson

✓ Time 20.00pm Dinner with Greek music and dance lessons. 

Reference link: http://youtu.be/jeNsr_nQEfE

6th Day: After breakfast at 10.00 starts 4th cooking lesson and we enjoy our lunch.

15:00 We start our afternoon tour and after a  coffee brake in  Arachova we arrive at the 11th century Byzantine monastery of Osios Lucas with the famous Mosaics.

Daily beach leisure

Subsequently driving throw Desfina we arrive at the picturesque fisherman’s village Galaxidi where we visit the Maritime Museum and we have free time for fun in the taverns and cafes of the city; later we return to Delphi.

Galaxidi  7th day is free with optional day trips for:

A) athens-acropolis, B) meteora,   A+B) meteora+ athens-acropolis, C)  olympia

Time 20.00am: Greek night with music and dances, awarding diplomas

8th Day: departure for Athens -Athens Airport  This is Delphi

Programs runs every Saturday except: February29th, April 18th December 19th&26th

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Rates per person in double:                                               1280€                                                         1180 €                                                    

                 Single supplement:                                          280€                                                         180 €                                                                                                                      

Booking:  delphtls@otenet.gr Tel.0030.22650.82151
2 Movements  1 Philosophy

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