Weddings in Delphi

Are you dreaming of a wedding that takes place in magical surroundings? An authentic greek experience when it comes to food, wine, music, dance, and location. Then Delphi is the place for you to celebrate love.



When you choose the center of the ancient world as your wedding location you’ll be surrounded by ancient greek monuments and a spectacular landscape. Your celebration takes place in the middle of where gods, muses, heroes, and glorious humans used to walk. And lastly, the energy in Delphi is known for being unique in every way: uplifting, spiritual and revitalising. What better way to start out your marriage? Or to renew your vows!

In ApolloEvents we take care of all the practical aspects of your celebration. We make sure the only thing you need to worry about is to have fun, celebrate love, and make memories you’ll never forget. We want you to have the time of your life! And we’re determined to have your love last forever.