Yoga Retreat

When joining our yoga retreat you’ll get a chance to dive into ancient greek philosophy and culture combined with yoga, meditation, traditional cooking and dance. You breathe in the center of the ancient world and all the wisdom it contains. And you let go of stress while you get a break from your everyday duties.

Your activities include:

6 Sunrise Yoga sessions: In the magical surroundings of Mount Parnassus

6 Guided Meditation: Inside the Corycian Cave, guided by a spiritual teacher

2 Cooking Classes: You learn to prepare a full greek dinner and every class ends with you enjoying your dinner the greek way – with a glass of wine in the company of friends.

2 Dance Lessons: You learn the history of the Zorba dance from our expert and get to dance to greek music yourself.

1 Full day excursion: A guided tour to the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Archaeological Museum of Delphi and the Temple of Athena

1 Know Thyself session: A personal interview where you get to know yourself and your life’s purpose via pythagorean numerology



Mount Parnassus and the Corycian Cave

Your sunrise yoga sessions takes place at Mount Parnassus overlooking the spectacular landscape of Delphi. Mount Parnassus and the Corycian Cave has a significant correlation to greek mythology. Many of the myths were played out in or around the area of the Corycian Cave which might explain the unique energy it has.  Inside the Corycian Cave you’ll go through guided meditations and get a numerological reading. The reading gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself and your life’s purpose and is done by professor in pythagorean numerology, Eleftherios Argyropoulos.


The Hellenic Cuisine

Our local cuisine consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, olive oil, herbs, fish and meat.  It’s a given that all produce are highest-quality, organic, and locally grown. In the cooking classes your instructor guides you through every step of creating your meal and at by the end of the class you enjoy your meal with a glass of wine.


Zorba Dance

Your teacher is a former professional dancer and he teaches you the history of Zorba.  When you have the background straight you get to feel like a local when you dance the traditional Zorba dance to greek music. Afterwards you’re free to show off your Zorba-skills in one of the local taverns.


The Archaeological Museum of Delphi, Sanctuary of Apollo and Temple of Athena

The museum is a must-see when you spend time in Delphi! Experiencing the huge collection of ancient greek treasures and all the monuments is something you’ll never forget. Seeing the Sanctuary of Apollo includes a good hike up the mountain – worth every step of the way. A short walk from away from the museum you’ll find the Temple of Athena which we’ll explore together.


*When you make your reservation, be sure to inform about any dietary requirements. We can meet your need for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, or organic food.