The area around Delphi, and the town itself, is a magical place you'll want to delve into

Apollonian Botanical Garden

The garden feels like a little paradise and has over 300 local medicinal plants. Some of them are rare and endemic species, but thrive in the Apollonian Botanical Garden. All of the plants have been known since antiquity, which influence on the way we use them: The ancient, traditional way. And each end every one of the plants have … Continue reading “Apollonian Botanical Garden”

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Mount Parnassus & the Corycian Cave

Lots of the myths about Odysseus took place in Mount Parnassus and some of them in the Corycian Cave. Hence the place has a unique connection to greek mythology, and a special meaning to the people living in the area of Delphi. It’s a bit of a hike up the Mount Parnassus to the Corycian Cave … Continue reading “Mount Parnassus & the Corycian Cave”

Price: $50 / Per Day / Per Guest

Archaeological Museum of Delphi

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Temple of Athena

The temple of athena is….

Price: Free

The Hellenic Cuisine

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The Zorba Dance

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The calming energy takes over the moment you arrive. It’s said to be the navel of the earth. And ancient greek myths about Zeus, Apollo and Pythia (the Delphic Oracle) took place in the little, greek town, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site: Delphi!


Located in the middle of the mountains with a view over the Corinth Canal, Delphi is a perfect place to go hiking, experience the authentic greek culture and explore ancient greek history.

The monuments in Delphi include the ancient theatre, temple of Apollo and sanctuary of Athena.


The Delphic maxims are a set of 147 commandments that was given to the Delphic Oracle by Apollo. The maxims are the foundation of living well, according to the Apollonian.

Poetry, art, music, dance, medicine and prophecy is deep-rooted in the Delphic way of living. As well as healthy foods that’s organic and locally grown. The apollonian herbs are a discipline.


More about maxims and the way they influence the delphic way of living