Culture & Walking

To walk at the path of the Gods and experience the most magical places in Greece! That’s what this program offers you. You’ll love this holiday if you want to follow the steps of Homer, the muses, heroes, and the glorious humans.

Your activities include

2 day trips: First trip goes to Poros, Hydra and Aegina with lunch on the boat, and return to Athens in the evening. Second trip to Byzantine Monastery of Osios Lucas, Athens for a City tour, and an evening free in the city.

2 walking tours: Mount Parnassus & the Corycian Cave, Acropolis of Crissa and Olives Valley of Kirra.

2 excursions: Zygoti Chapel and Apollonian Botanical Garden

3 Guided tours: Archeological Museum of Delphi, Sanctuary of Apollo, and Temple of Athena.

1 Hellenic night: Learn the traditional Zorba dance and dance to greek music



Mount Parnassus and Corycian Cave

Mount Parnassus and the Corycian Cave has a significant correlation to greek mythology. Many of the myths took place in the Corycian Cave which might explain the unique energy it has. You will go through a guided meditation with your teacher and our professor in pythagorean numerology, Eleftherios Argyropoulos, will give you a reading with the purpose of getting to know yourself on an even deeper level.


Acropolis of Crissa

Chrissa is a village that is linked to ancient myths about Homer and also the Trojan War. We’ll explore the monument’s of the village together.


Apollonian Botanical Garden

The garden feels like a little paradise and has over 300 local medicinal plants. Some of them are rare and endemic species, but thrive in the Apollonian Botanical Garden. All of the plants have been known since antiquity, which influence on the way we use them: The ancient, traditional way. And each end every one of the plants have quite amazing abilities.


The Archaeological Museum of Delphi, Sanctuary of Apollo and Temple of Athena

The museum is a must-see when you spend time in Delphi! With a huge collection of ancient greek treasures you are left inspired to create your own art. Seeing the Sanctuary of Apollo includes a good hike up the mountain – worth every step of the way. And a short walk from away from the museum you’ll find the Temple of Athena which we’ll explore together.


Hellenic night

This will be a night to remember! You get to feel like a local learning to dance the traditional Zorba dance to greek music. Afterwards you’re free to show off your Zorba-skills in one of the local taverns.