Art & Painting

You love art and want to start creating your own? In an uplifting environment, with a professional teacher? Our Art & Painting holiday will provide you with the basic knowledge of painting and get you inspired to create masterpieces. 

Your activities include

5 Painting Classes: With you professor

5 authentic greek dinners: At a local and authentic greek restaurant

1 guided tour: To the Archaeological Museum and Sanctuary of Apollo

1 hellenic nightLearn the traditional Zorba dance and dance to greek music

1 Transfer: To Galaxidi and Byzantine Monastery of Hosios Lucas



Paint with your professor

For a whole week you’ll paint the sites that Delphi is so famous for, and flowers from the area. Being in Delphi you are surrounded by uplifting and positive energy, and the ancient monuments helps you get into the spirit of inspiration and creativity. Georgis is your teacher and he is at your assistance in all painting classes.


The Archaeological Museum and Sanctuary of Apollo

The museum is a must-see when you spend time in Delphi! With a huge collection of ancient greek treasures you are left inspired to create your own art. The Sanctuary of Apollo includes a good hike up the mountain – worth every step of the way. On your walk you’ll  explore all the ancient monuments!


Hellenic night

This will be a night to remember! You get to feel like a local learning to dance the traditional Zorba dance to greek music. Afterwards you’re free to show off your Zorba-skills in one of the local taverns.


Galaxidi and Byzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas

The town Galaxidi is know for being the most romantic town in the area. It’s architecture is similar to the greek islands, and it’s located right by the sea. On our way we stop by the Monastery of Hosios Loukas  which is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.