With good sports facilities, artistic events for young people, and very low rates – Delphi is the ideal location for study trips for university and college students. Delphi offers a unique culture and history, as the center of the ancient world. And we strive to provide the young generation with the knowledge for leadership with humanism.

Furthermore the Delphic Maxims are deeply rooted in our culture which is why we live by the concepts of “Know Thyself”, “All in moderation” and “Foresee the future”. We have created a program packed with experiences that inspire students to learn through ancient wisdom, history, and culture. Equipped with new skills and a deeper understanding of the world we live in, students are left encouraged to go out and make a difference.

Study Trip

A study trip to Delphi is rewarding for everyone but especially for archaeology, history, philosophy, theatre, music, history of art, architecture, and painting students. If you have any specific wishes we will adjust the program so it fits your interests.

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