Come on a sacred tour to Greece! – With Psychic and Spiritual Teacher John J. Oliver

From October 11-17 John J. Oliver takes you on a journey into the ancient greek wisdom, and a tour around the area of Delphi.

Delphi is known for its unique energy; positive, uplifting and spiritual. Which is the optimal energy, when you want to grow in life and explore your spirituality. Walking the paths of the greek Gods, Homer, the muses, heroes, and the glorious humans will get your inspiration flowing. And the ancient monuments, that attracts 1.5 million tourists a year, are sights you’ll never forget.

John J Oliver is a spiritual teacher and psychic consultant. He is educated in the spiritual sciences of astrology, tarot, and classic school feng shui.

In the pursuit of his own personal enlightenment, John has completed numerous silent meditation retreats, earned a black belt in martial arts, and participated in many spiritual initiations with renowned teachers of many sacred traditions. These traditions include Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Vedic Studies, Yoga, and Mayan Shamanism.

John teaches people from all over the world about the subjects of meditation, consciousness, mysticism, wisdom school traditions and intuitive development. And has meditated regularly and deeply since the age of 16 – actively helping others to access an awake life, higher consciousness and to align to their soul’s purpose on earth. John is committed to teaching others to think clearly, to meditate more deeply, to exercise more consciously and to love life more passionately. A huge part of John’s teaching is about education and service.

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